The 4 1/2 Corners of Death

AO: Norseman

When: 2024-07-09

QIC: Cam's

PAX (16): Cam's, Chapter 11, DeLorean, DirtyMO, Ha-ha, Knight Rider, Matlock, muTTon, Oshkosh, Password 123, Slick, Stu, TO, TP, Tumbleweed, Untouchable


Standard preamble, no FNGs, so we decided to get after it.


Mosey to the parking lot for SSHs, toy soldiers, hillbillies, weedpickers, and arm circles.

The Thang:

We headed to the rock pit to grab some coupons, moseyed to the field and set them down as we wouldn't be needing them just yet. YHCs abs were in need of a beatdown, so we did a quick, 10 minute, 5 round ab blast. We had 2 minutes to complete 10 gas pumpers, 10 v-ups, 10 big boy situps, and 10 jump tucks. Whatever time remained we rested. I arranged for the ISS to fly over head during this time as a special gift to the Norsemen. From there, the official beatdown began. We split into 4 groups, headed to the four corners of the field with our coupons, and did the exercise at each corner (10 alpha reverse lunges, 20 curls, 10 thrusters, 20 merkins). When we passed the ab station, we picked one of the 4 exercises and did them as well. As we rounded the field, we moseyed with the coupon on the 1st long side, rifle-carried the coupon on both short sides, and did long backwards strides on the other long side. Time ran out and we headed back to the flag.


Various things coming up like our Ultimate Frisbee vs. Rubicon, Speed for Need (see Oshkosh for details). Prayers for all those affected by the hurricane in Texas.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Pleasure to lead gentlemen!

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