KB and DB

AO: Boneyard

When: 2024-07-08

QIC: vertigo

PAX (11): vertigo, Soccer Mom, Daisy, Mater, Darkside, Shrimp, FannyPack, Vertigo, Speedo (last second), Zohan, Half-Dozen, Brownie, Takedown

The Thang:

Partner beat down. Every section partner A does the first movement and partner b does the other at the same time. Then they do the “together” movement together. Then swap, do the movements then do the “together” movement together again. Section 1: 10 KBS  → 10 DB Thruster 10 burpees (together) Section 2: 50 yard bear crawl  → Plank  20 Air Squat (together) Section 3: 10 KBS Goblet Squat  → 10 DB snatch 10 Merkins (together) Section 4: 50 yard Walking Lunges  → Hollow Hold 20 Plank jacks - alpha count (together) SSR for the six &  Repeat When 6 is in.

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