Rubicon visit

AO: Academy

When: 2024-07-02

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (2): HotSauce


No Lumbergh today, as he was still under the weather from his trip to England.  In his honor, I ran my BB through an English Cockney accent generator.  Enjoy: 'O'sauce an' I showed up faw 'he bea'down, on a 'o' bu' breezy mawnin. Since i' was jus' 'he 'wo ov us, we decided 'o loaf of bread over 'o 'he rubicon faw our exercises.


No Bleedin' way

The Thang:

Li"le urt was on Q, an' bloomin' 'ell we was proper knackered. See 'is backblas' faw full de'ails.


Crabtree 10k on July 4th! See Slack for details.

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