Rounds of fun for #Blue

AO: Galaxy

When: 2024-07-02

QIC: Wideright

PAX (11): Abacus (Mark Green), Drain Hole, Forrest, Jillian, Percy, Skol, Tweaker, Wideright, Yearn, Ruth and Chipmunk


disclaimer and warm up to soothing music 8x exercises with IC reps Partner up and mosey to coupons, grab a large and medium size upper parking lot

The Thang:

cumulative count, Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 runs to other end and back (Swap) round 1-300x curls , Bernie sanders down bobby hurley fwd run back round 2-300x squats, super Mario down and run back round 3-150x kettle swings, cusak down and back round 4-100x WW3's, Bernie down and run back round 5- 1 song LBC's with coupon and pax 2 sprint to 2nd line and back return coupons and mosey to flag for time!


brothers traveling drain hole's buddy "pope" procedure and healing F3 to continue to grow and flourish  

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