Slow down

AO: The Wreck

When: 2024-07-01

QIC: Rooney- timlonergan

PAX (18): Rooney- timlonergan, Scurvy, dangle, chowdah, bolt, blue, moonshine, echo, mountain mama, rosco, norm, nutmeg, Lincoln, bobber, donor, missionary, corky, password 123


So grateful for the opportunity to lead you all today.  Always good to see your happy smiley faces, and hearing the mumble chatter… As I said, I would not be out there if it weren’t for y’all and I definitely would not be pushing myself as hard.


- A disclaimer close to the parking lot for the stragglers - Sides straddle Hops, Weed pickers, Arm circles, And Michael  Phelps - Diamond Merkens with some Delectable holds at the bottom The theme had already started… We are slowing it down today

The Thang:

Norm was the only one prepared for coming through with a special request… Confirming the plan the Q had in store— Some side abs Front planks side planks with some doozy leg lifts At the playground Slow pull ups while your partner did some LBCs and some side LBCs Venture over to the wall by the hill— Step ups, side step ups, and some painfully slow dips Coupon time for slow curls, bilateral RDLs, And then some speedy curls so that we could have time for a couple of new exercises Back to the flag for Americans… Combined with double the amount of flappers.  The numbers continued to grow, and the pace continued to slow.  Finished with some serrated anterior Push up plus. The sweat was dripping      


Rosco found, as we all have, the F3 community to be large and in charge across the country The Crabtree is happening… I wish I was in town to experience

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Quality over quantity was the overarching message When we slow down, we are able to be more focused, have more clarity, and make better decisions… at F3 And in life.  If you hustle too much And too hard in life, Just remember that your productivity decreases quite a bit when you die… So make sure you rest and balance as best you can. I heard something over the weekend that I felt was on point.  Prayer isn’t the preparation— it is the greater work.  (So it is highly recommended) Sorry for my capitalization and spelling errors potentially… Trying to give you a prompt back blast and was voice texting to make it happen Much love to you all. I hope you are felt wee-served by the session this morning. praise Jesus Godspeed

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