AO: Badapple

When: 2024-07-01

QIC: goat

PAX (6): Avis, Dosido, No-See-Um, Sell-out, Sprocket


welcome and i ain’t responsible


SSH, Hillbillies, Copperhead Squats, SunGods, Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Leave your coupon at the top of the hill. Starting at the bottom of Zima’s Hill perform the 1st exercise, then run to the top of the hill for the second, then back down for the 3rd… Round 1 1st 10: burpees 2nd 20: curls with coupon 3rd 30: merkins 4th 40: flutter kicks (alpha) 5th 50: SSH Round 2 1st 10: jump squats 2nd 20: skulls with coupon 3rd 30: diamonds 4th 40: toe taps) 5th 50: SSH Round 3 1st 10: bonnie blair’s (alpha) 2nd 20: overhead press with coupon 3rd 30: stone mountains 4th 40: LBC 5th 50: SSH Round 4 1st 10: Sumo Squats 2nd 20: V-Chop (single) with coupon 3rad 30: Shoulder Taps (alpha) 4th 40: V-ups 5th 50: SSH



Naked-Man Moleskin:

honored to lead

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