Cardio Sweat

AO: Galaxy

When: 2024-06-27

QIC: McLovin (Amir Oren)

PAX (11): Abacus (Mark Green), Blue, Drain Hole, Jillian, Skol, Tweaker, Woody, Yearn, RUTH, P Trap


Side Straddle Hops Abe Vigodas Bear Hogs Arm stretch

The Thang:

Jog around park to first hill 11s - Merkins, Bear Crawl up/down, Jump Squats Execrcises to the Six Jog around park to second hill at long stairs 11s - WWII, run/walk up/down, Burpees Exercises to the Six Bear crawl to flag in a line - 5 merkin for last man, catch up to front and last man does 5 merkins, repeat


Gideon's Surgery today - prayers and well wishes by all F3 6th man - Skol - reason for name, length with F3, What does he appreciate about F3

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