Hip-Flexing in DT Alpha

AO: Academy

When: 06/25/2024

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (7): Cookie, Devito, HotSauce, Mayhem, Roman, Tank



Wanted to get right back at it coming off week long mission trip, turned off alarm on Monday even though all intentions were to get up and post….so YHC saw Q sheet was open at Academy, so he took it!


Sorta kinda…while moseying to Brooke Street Park did 10 Merkins (IC) or an ab exercise (15 IC) at every cross street or turn.

The Thang:


11’s with Tempo Squats & Diamonds while running around oval at park.
Mosey into the neighboring Alpha loop now near the $3 million dollar homes right on top of each other.
5 Laps with following in between:
5 – Burpees
10 – Bonnie Blairs
15 – Bobby Hurleys
20 – Box Cutters
Through the Publix parking lot for Follow The Leader.
Four Corners on green always facing same direction and movement was variation of Bear Crawl, Side BC & Crawl Bear) with movements all Mary..stack ’em.
  • 25 Gas Pumpers (1st corner)
  • 25 Gas Pumpers/25 Dying Cockroaches (2nd corner)
  • 25 Gas Pumpers/25 Dying Cockroaches/25 American Hammers (3rd corner)
  • 25 Gas Pumpers/25 Dying Cockroaches/25 American Hammers/25 Supermans (4th corner)
Back to the flag for a couple rounds of Mary.


  • Prayers/Praise for YHC’s mission trip that it was safe and has lasting meaning/experience for time to come.
  • Prayers for pax traveling for summer vaca’s/sporting events.



Succesful Rubicon/Bound Saturday morning BD and breakfast. Kudos to Lil Hurt for the home-smoked butts!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good to be back in the gloom with my F3 brothers. Lots of moaning towards the end after some killer “Hip Flexor” exercises on the Green. Gotta work some of them muscles that get overlooked sometimes…hahaha!


Thanks for joining and also a good group at coffeeteria!

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