Me and My Buddy

AO: Firehouse

When: 2024-06-25

QIC: Lightweight

PAX (6): Ace Ventura, Beanz, Better Call Saul, Dunshire, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight


Everyone showed up on time except for Ace and Beanz (at least they showed up :)).


Mosey to our spot. Did a few warm ups

The Thang:

Told everyone to grab a coupon and that coupon would be their buddy for the whole workout. Everything we did had to be done with a buddy (coupon). We made our way to the middle of the football field and started with 20 skull crushers. The deal was to not stop until the 6th had finished and then we would run to the end of the football field and repeat the exercise and run back to the middle and pick a new one. Here are some of the ones we did with our buddy. 20 Skull Crushers 20 Merkins 20 Situps with Buddy lift 20 Squats Air Chairs with Lightweights call 20 Lunges 50 Calf Raises 25 Curls for the girls


Ended with call out and ball of man.

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