Will workout for coffee

AO: Starting Line

When: 2024-06-23

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (4): Dunshire, Janeway, Seaman


Just me for the pre-Rucked around the area and got back in time to see Janeway roll up Dunshire and Seaman arrived soon after, we then had 2 ladies show up and talked about their car and the fact that they regularly met and ministered at the park. So with the number set at 4, it was time to mosey


Moseyed to in front of the middle school then started the warm-up SSH Copperhead squats Windmills Hillbillies were done

The Thang:

I had everyone mosey to the top of the hill where the road was blocked off and did the first 7 rounds so 1 squat, 1 merkin, 1 BBSU alternate side shuffle to the next light post 2 squats, 2 merkins, 2 BBSUs Mosey Repeat till you get to 7 At that point we sprinted back to where the no entrance barrier was and did 10 WWI situps with snow angels, Then back up to the start and 8 – 14 Squats, merkins, BBSU This time we lunged between light posts Then sprinted back to the no entrance sign and did 10 jump squats Back to the start and 15-21 Squats, merkins, BBSUs Bernie Sanders to each light post. At that point it was time to mosey back but with us so close to the Dawson farmers market and IGY6 coffee right there I made the call to stop off and get some Java for the PAX, and one for my M, so the PAX  we basically worked out for Coffee

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Moseyed back and met up with Toadstool his M and new 2.0, it was great seeing him and after that, we hung out for a bit then headed out to start the day Also to support  a local coffee business that sources all its stuff with veteran ran companies, I would highly recommend IGY6 coffee they are currently mobile but will be getting a permanent home soon 61 Bill Elliott Street South, Dawsonville, GA, United States, Georgia Another Great morning with the men of Dawson!

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