The Bridge 600

AO: The Bridge

When: 2024-06-21

QIC: Potter (Matt Rowand)

PAX (9): Birdie, Dinghy, Fergie, Fuzzy Dice, Humperdinck, Utah, Utah (Hedges), Dim sum


Summer, engines, noise, cars.  What better way to celebrate the longest day of the year than to pay a tribute to a true American "sport", NASCAR!  Welcome to the human-powered challenge of the year, The Bridge 600.  Coupon required.


10 each of SSH, Windmills, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers...and we're rollin'

The Thang:

F3: The Bridge 600 3 man team.  To start, one partner working on the 200 Ex.  One partner with coupon heading to Pit Stop.  One partner in pit stop doing rounds of the Pit Stop Ex's until relieved by the coupon carrier.  Pit stop PAX then takes coupon and heads back to Start to take over the challenge Ex's.  Rolling Start:
Round Challenge Reps (3 man)  
1 Shake N Bake Burpees 200
2 Big Boy Sit Ups 200  
3 KB Swings 200  
  Turn 2:
  1. Zamperini
  2. Farmer carry (switch hands halfway)
  Pit stop (10 reps, Alpha, continuous until relieved):  
Round Ex 1 Ex 2 Ex 3
1 Bulgarian Split Squat Steering Wheel (Am. Hammer) Merkin Sit Out
2 Step Ups Gas Pumper Carolina Drydocks
3 Monkey Humper Dale Earnhardt Jr. (F. Mercury w/ no arms) Annie (Merkin with windshield wipers)


Prayer for marriages, Fuzzy Dice headed to lead camp of teenagers, 1 word prayer requests from the PAX. YHC thanks God every time I get to come out to F3.  Don't know what life the last two years would have been like without it, and don't really care to know.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Despite the poor directions, everyone seemed to figure it out.  Modification from WW3 Sit Ups to Big Boys was much needed.  PAX would still be out there otherwise.  Great work!

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