Back in the Saddle (Pool)

AO: Bushwood

When: 2024-06-21

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (6): BallBoy, Flo, HIPAA, Maguire, Popper (Dan Richard), Saint2O


Glad to be back at it on the Q after such a long hiatus on the IR from knee surgery. Looking forward to a tiny bit of running, but mostly not (Dr's orders).


Quick mosey to the cul-de-sac and back (didn't need to stop and walk at all, the knee held up for me today). Then SSH, WP, copperhead squats, IW, michael phelps.

The Thang:

Head over to the basketball court for some four corners with burpee in the middle. On two opposite corners start with 10 merkins each stopping for a burpee in the middle, then the other two corners you do 10 squats stopping for a burpee in the middle, then repeat decreasing by one rep but still with the burpee in the middle until you get down to zero. All were ready for the pool when it was over. Lots of burpees were had. Head over to the pool. Partner up and one partner swam laps while the other partner did an exercise for three repeats. First was plank (this was a request by Y2K, even though he wasn't there). Next was Monkey Humpers (the teenage female lifeguard was probably unnerved by this when she showed up for work). Last was Big Boy Situps, and these were cut short. Then we stopped for a couple minutes of Mary. Gas Pumpers and Freddy Mercury.


Prayers for family and summer activities.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Glad to be back at it. I'm healing and getting stronger, but it will take time for me to get back into shape. I'm going to need to be patient and consistent with the workouts. I will be there, but need some accountability. Please make sure I come. I have a plan, but can slip easily, so check on me fellas. I need it, the call of the fartsack is strong.

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