Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

AO: Boneyard

When: 2024-06-14

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (9): Coat Check, FannyPack, Floater, Irene, Manscape, Mounty, Shrimp, TARDIS, Zohan


3 HC's became 9 PAX like fish and loaves.


Mosey past the pavillion to drop off the speaker and then onto the lacross feild.  Circle up for SSH's, imperial walkers, weedpickers, windmills, and arm circles.

The Thang:

The theme today was Boxing.  YHC kicked off playlist of hits from various Rocky movies & we did the following: American Hammer: 60 alpha Butkus: 3 rounds Rapid stepups- 1 m. on, 30 s. off; 3 rounds Floyd Mayweather: 60 alpha Planking, punch under opposite arm Iron Mike: 20 alpha 4-count Bonnie Blair Punch-up Mercan: 15 alpha Mercan, 10 side punches, etc Butkus: 3 rounds Rapid stepups- 1 m. on, 30 s. off; 3 rounds Mike Tyson: 20 Derkin, Horizontal Squat, Repeat Joe Louis: 20 Boxer stance, Punch, Punch, Down, Up Butkus: 3 rounds Rapid stepups- 1 m. on, 30 s. off; 3 rounds Apollo Creed Burpee: 6 One armed Burpee After completing these, we had time for a round of Captain Thor on the field.  BBSU's and alpha count American Hammers in increasing count, 1:4, 2:8,3:12... 10:40.  We finishing these up with 3 minutes left on the clock and mosey'd back to the flag for one round of single-leg donkey kicks led by Irene. The otherwise inspiring soundtrack ended with a few cuts from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!! from the original NES.  


Prayers for Coatcheck's friend Kyle who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Prayers for all those between jobs and looking to start the next professional chapter.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work men, hopefully this was fun and hard.  I know the music pushed me almost as much as the PAX who kept moving.  A pleasure to lead as always- SYITG

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