Good Things Come In 12s

AO: The Wreck

When: 2024-06-12

QIC: corky

PAX (20): Babble, Blue, Bobber, Chowdah, Cliff - Chris Noto, Donor, Gutterball, Matt Shields-Norm, Missionary, Mountain Mama, Password 123, Raider, Rooney- timlonergan, Scar, Sell-out, Sleeper, Squatty, Welcome Fourfiddy! Fanatic, Summit


Mosey to the playground to knock out 12 SSH, 12 Toy Soldiers, 12 Weed Pickers, 12 arm circles (small & large, forward and backward).

The Thang:

We headed to the parking lot by the football field and partnered up, grabbing one coupon (arm focus, not lifting) per group.  Everyone lined up on the first parking space line closest to the trail.  Partner A knocked out 12 curls, 12 OHP, 12 skull crushers, 12 kettle bells then walked 3 parking spaces to repeat the same exercises and continue to do so until Partner B relieves him.  Partner B runs to the restrooms at the other end of the parking lot to knock out 12 Peter Parkers (Alpha count), 12 squats, 12 calf raises, 12 donkey kicks then runs back to relieve Partner A and continue his exercises, Partner B runs to the end of the parking lot restrooms to knock out Partner B's exercises.  Repeat until each group reaches the end of the parking lot. Turn around and go the other direction, this time.... Partner A knocks out 12 'Merican Hammers, 12 hip thrusters, 12 elf of the shelf (per side - this was a lot, cut in half for next time!).  Then walks 3 parking space lines and repeats.  Partner B runs to the end of the parking lot closest to the trail to knock out 12 plank jacks, 12 flutter kicks (Alpha count), 12 Dollys, 12 merkins then runs back to relieve Partner A.  Repeat until the end of the parking lot is reached - we ended this early due to time. PAX then snake-ran back to the flag. Once back, Scar lead us in 12 dying cockroaches, Rooney lead us in 12 Supermans and then time was called. WELL DONE MEN.


Finalize that shirt Gutterball!

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