Reliving the Night Shift

AO: Grindstone

When: 2024-06-10

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (5): Bill Dance, Corn Dog, jugdish, Relient


With nobody signed up to Q the night before, YHC raised his hand.


Mosey, Willy Mays Hayes, Good mornings, Moroccan night club

The Thang:

Stories of the night shift that took place 6/8 - 6/9 were shared with each station representing a different stop the runners had during that epic event.
  1. Playground (Black Water) - PAX performed a circuit of 10 pull ups, 15 swerkins and 20 dips with a run around the playground after each exercise. After 2 rounds we were ready to move on.
  2. Tennis courts (Jailbreak) - 4 corners on a single court with leg lifts, mountain climbers, dolly and LBCs. 2 rounds then we were ready for the next stop.
  3. Coupon pile (QT) for some refreshments (coupons). PAX performed overhead press, curls, skull crushers, rows and swings. Each PAX moved 2 positions to the left after each exercise so we all got to experience each other's coupon selections.
  4. Big parking lot (Grindstone) - 4 corners with different versions of merkins (regular, wide, diamond and offset) at each corner.
  5. Kickball wall (Storm) for balls to the wall and donkey kicks.
  6. Back to the flag for a few rounds of Mary.


Prayers for Tim's wife that died recently during child birth leaving behind 4 children. Tim is a family friend of Jugdish and posted once at F3 (Plug). There is a Go fund me link available in Slack for anyone that would like to contribute.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good times were had by all

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