Death By Skinny Runner Revisited

AO: Badapple

When: 2024-06-07

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (7): Chubbs, Groundhog, Ollie, Spider, Sweep3r, Tank


YHC wanted to bring a solid BD but shake it up a bit.  After going through the Ironpax BDs from the past, the Death By Skinny Runner was chosen.  No coupons needed and a muggy morning should make for a sweat-fest. Ollie back in the gloom, and Groundhog showing up for his first Badapple BD already made it an epic morning. Disclaimer given, let's go.


Feeling a little tight, we did: SunGods OYO Michael Phelps OYO 15 Weedpickers 13 Hillbillies

The Thang:

The Workout

  1. 50 Gas Pumpers
  2. 50 SSH
  3. 1 mile run. (Audible called and we ran down Zima's hill and back up)
  4. 25 Hello Dollies
  5. 25 Burpees
  6. 50 SSH
  7. 400-meter run. (Why not use the hill again?)
  8. 25 Hand Release Merkins
  9. 25 V-Ups
  10. 50 SSH
  11. 400-meter run (and again...starting to regret)
  12. 25 Leg Raises
  13. 25 Jungle Boi Squats
  14. 50 SSH
  15. 400-meter run (and again?! )
  16. 25 4-count flutter kicks
  17. 25 Bonnie Blairs Alpha
  18. 50 SSH
  19. 400-meter run (one more time???  Zima's hill sucks...)
  20. 100 Big Boy Sit-ups
  21. 50 SSH
  22. 1 mile run ( the parking lot twice)
5 minutes of EMOM 15 No cheat Merkins, 15 WW1s


Badapple sponsored NLB BD in July. Prayers for Riley, Finley, F3 PAX, unspoken requests.  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a privilege to lead these men.

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