coupon suicdie

AO: The Bound

When: 2024-06-05

QIC: Birdie

PAX (19): Ansel Adams, BallBoy, Birdie, Cookie, False Start, Gilligan, Ha-ha, Matlock, MillerTime, Red Ryder (the one that posts), Rudy, Scampi, Utah, Bowser, Square Root, Badger, Sugar, Comeback, HotShot


Moseyed around the parking lot toward the back of the dining hall for Wind Mills, Weed Picker, Mountain Man Pooper, SSH, Arms Circle.  

The Thang:

Everyone picked a coupon from the coupon pile. YHC setup 8 pain stations along the drive way. Started the exercise at #1 then to #2,  performed exercise and before moving to #3,  go back to station #1, performed the exercise then proceed to #2 & #3 and so on. Between #1 & #2,  Bear crawl while moving the coupon between #1 & #2,  after that you carried the coupon to the next station. Here are the exercises
  1. Burpees:  5
  2. Goblet Squat: 20
  3. Merkins: 20
  4. Curl: 20
  5. American Hammer - AC: 20
  6. Overhead Press: 20
  7. Reverse Crunch: 20
  8. Bentover Row: 20
Some PAX complete all the exercise. No time for Mary.


Prayer for RedRyder co-worker that passed away. New F3 Alpha t-shirt order and a brand new NLB Logo & t-shirt.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was an honor to lead this morning. Until next time, SYITG.

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