Speed Burps

AO: Big Creek

When: 2024-06-05

QIC: Mr. Hand

PAX (14): 5-Way, Baskins, Benny, Cha-Ching, Crab Cake, DirtyMO, Krystal, Mantooth, Mr. Hand, Napalm, Schneider, Soul Glo, Vanna, FNG-Milton


It had been a minute since I have lead at The Creek and with the Q sheet open for today YHC hopped on it.


Mosey to the parking lot toward the track. SSH, Weed Pickers, Willie Mayes Hayes, Good Mornings, Michael Phelps Mosey to the track

The Thang:

Speed Burps: 4 laps-straight aways-50% the first 50 meters than spring the next 50 meters. Mosey the turn and deposit 5 burpees halfway through the turn and mosey the rest of the turn-then 50% for the first 50 meters of the straight away then sprint the next 50 meters-mosey the turn and again deposit 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat until we have completed 4 laps. Mosey to the painground for some DORA- 50 BBSU, 100 Crunchy Frogs, 150 Plank Jacks, 200 LBC's. One person exercising and the other running around the painground. Mosey around the bean to the flag for one minute of Mary.


Night Shift is the Saturday at 7pm, see Slack for details. Prayers for all the PAX traveling this during the summer.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead fellas. Welcome Milton!

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