Need More Weight? Look To The Lake!

AO: Windjammer

When: 2024-05-29

QIC: Caroline

PAX (9): Caroline, FannyPack, Ikea, Milli Vanilli, Nair, Sparkie, Surely, Townie, Walkie Talkie


A couple days before the beatdown I noticed a huge pile of buckets at the house being built in our neighborhood....the idea came to life! At dusk I grabbed 12 buckets (with plans to return them before they even noticed them missing:)


SSH, The Windmill, The Hillbilly, Arm Circles, Covids/Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Mosied on to the boat launch, stopping at the first cross street to complete 20-hand release merkins. Once at the boat launch gate, 12 buckets appeared for each of the PAX to pick out one of their choosing. We then approached the bottom of the hill with doing 20-Freddie Mercury (with 4 second hold on each one) at the bottom and 25-gas pumpers at the top. While running up and down held the bucket over our head. Completed 4 round of this. After that little warm up (more than a warm up really) we took the buckets to the lake and filled'em up! Some chose half way and some chose more! Starting off walking our buckets about 30 yards, and back. Each time half way we completed curls, upright rows, lateral rows, and then whatever you wanted on the last time. Each time coming back we did dips and step ups 25 each between 30-yard bucket walks. Ran back to flag. At the flag we encountered a Wednesday rivalry AO that encroached on the end of our workout. The starred at us oddly as a PAX called out one more Mary (maybe Milli Vanilli?). We ended up sharing coffee and our comradery with the other AO PAX. It was a happy ending to a beatdown! School of Rock, we love you, guys!:)...LOL.


Milli Vanilli working on Blood Drive soon.

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