AO: Nirvana

When: 2024-05-25

QIC: Sweep3r

PAX (12): Buckshot, Cornhole, Groundhog, Icee, No-See-Um, Shazam, Shortcake, Special K, Sweep3r, Tank, The Real Woody, turkey


Typical disclaimer. Oh and this is my VQ!


After a little banter the QIC jumped in head first to leading the warm-o-rama. • Abe Vigoda - 16 • Tye Fighters - OYO (baby arm circles in a lunge. Forward with right leg. Backward BAC’s with left leg forward). There were mumblings of flying something or other maybe a nun. Mosey to the front parking lot of NWMS. Circle up around the island/light pole. PAX were more like cattle and took a second to understand what we were doing. Of course this being my VQ, maybe I was not loud enough. Next up: • 21’s – SSH, five count, remaining 16 silent, 5 PU penalty. PAX only had to pay one penalty. Mosey back to the side bus parking lot.
• Merkin Jack - 10 (down-1, legs out-2, legs in-3, up on 4)

The Thang:

QIC grabbed a speaker and we moseyed to the NWMS track. As we approached the bottom of the ramp the PAX became elated to see that a board was waiting for us leaning against a speaker stand. I wonder how that got there. QIC had a speaker fail. It would not power on despite the power check the night before. One PAX ran back to the QIC vehicle to grab a second backup speaker (a good QIC always has a backup plan). Fortunately this one worked. QIC explained the workout. The PAX jumped to it and the sweet sounds of music motivation flowed from the backup Bose speaker. 1) Hightower – 5 exercises: 9 reps each. Honor of Jacob "Hightower" Hancher, Myrt. Bch PO. Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
  • Burpees
  • Bodybuilders (burpee w/ plank jack)
  • Triple merkin burpee (burpee w/ 3 hand release merkins)
  • Triple jump squat burpees (burpee w/ 3 jump squats)
  • Triple Merkin Jump Squat Bodybuilder (burpee 3 hand release merkins, plank jack & 3 jump squats)
2) Alternating Side Squats – 100 3) Yves Poll – 1 lap backwards 4) World War II Sit-Up – 100 - 4 count sit-up, arms extended over head, knees bent, move arms to bent knees while sitting up, then back down for two, then up and back down for 3, 4. So basically 2 full sit-ups count as one (double count). MODIFIED to 100 single WWII 5) Outlaw – 100 flutterkick position, feet together make an “O” clockwise, then counterclockwise. 50 CCWISE, 50 CWISE 6) One Calls – 20 - partner style. 8 count merkin. Start in high plank, down, hand release, up and hold, right hand slap 5’s w/ partner, right hand down, left hand slap 5’s w/ partner, left hand down, high plank. Repeat 7) Daft Punk – 50 - around the world lunge, start with right leg lunge forward, back to center, right leg side lunge, back to center, right leg rear lunge, back to center, left leg read lunge, back to center, left leg side lunge, back to center, left leg lunge forward, back to center. If time permits. Run 1 lap Start again at the top, make it as far as you can. All PAX made it through the exercise list once. Some made it into another set of Hightowers.


We ended on time. Prayers
  • Icee's M and soon to arrive 2.0, their second. Delivery scheduled for this weekend. Prayers for doc and nurse team and for Icee's M.
  • Goose - healing, continued resilience, tenacity.
  • Chalupa and family. Reilly healing, peace, wisdom for parents doctors. Just relief from discomfort pain and getting back to normal life.
  • Slattery family, Finley. Healing, encouragement, liberation from the fears that creep in.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Wicked awesome effort men. Thank you for coming out for my VQ and encouraging me along. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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