Terror Mont: They chose to run in…

AO: Stadion

When: 2024-05-24

QIC: Macbeth

PAX (3): Scratch-Off, Stroller


We started late... Q was at fault


We ran up a hill

The Thang:

We ran some more. Other than a shady coffee-drinking Terra Mont resident running with us for a brief minute all was well. Had an in depth discussion about fighting techniques if you are alone with a cup of coffee and are faced with three attackers. Option 1 - throw coffee and cup at attacker #1 and hand to hand the last two Option 2 - Throw coffee on attacker #1, throw cup at attacker #2 and hand to hand remaining Option 3 - Throw coffee on attacker #1, use cup to bludgeon attacker #2, use remainder of cup (if it breaks) on attacker #3 or resort to hand to hand Funny... while we were running we never discussed just throwing the coffee at all three and running away... https://onthegomap.com/s/or50umli  


Scratch-off and fam are out of town the next few weeks - prayers for safe travel

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