57++++ lunges closer to Heaver

AO: Badapple

When: 2024-05-17

QIC: Goose

PAX (012): Chubbs (Joey Nichols), goat, Rusty, Santa Clause, Short Circuit, Shortcake, Spider, Tank, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Spud


Bring a coupon of your YHC had been traveling so had to give up my B-day Q--still only a few weeks past so decided to go for the makeup B-day Q to celebrate my 57th orbit


12 x SSH SunGods oyo Michael Phelps oyo 12 x Copperhead Squats 12 x mountain climbers

The Thang:

Hmmmm....57....I got it! 3 sets of 19 = 57 so....use coupon where you can: Round 1 19 squats, 19 Merkins, 19 Box cutters 5 Burpees, run a lap, then 7 burpees Repeat all 3 exercises at 19 reps again, but now run down the hill, do 5 burpees, and lunge halfway up hill, then back pedal the rest, finish with 7 burpees. First Pax back gets to call the exercise to perform while we wait for the 6. Round 2 - Like Round 1, but exercises are lunges, shoulder press, and V-ups Round 3 - Like Round 1, but exercises are Lt Dans, Curls, and Shoulder Taps (Alpha count), plus we subbed in bear crawls up the hill instead of lunges (Pax were not pleased). Finish with 3 lightning rounds of merry at 19 Reps each to finish at 57!


Memorial Day Murph at the pull-up bars at 7 AM Continued prayers for @Chalupa's son Riley and their family Prayers for guidance for all the graduating students and those just on summer break for wise decision-making

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Blessed to be part of this group of motivated, disciplined and inspiring men and always fun to lead!

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