Bridge-Deck Connector

AO: The Bridge

When: 2024-04-26

QIC: Popper

PAX (4): Gasleak, Hackeysack, Humperdinck


For some time, YHC has wanted to incorporate a bridge-to-parking-deck-to-bridge mosey, a "Bridge / Deck Connector" if you will, into a beatdown. This was the day to try it out.  YHC pre-blasted the need for coupons. With Smokey Mountain Relay drawing several Bridge regulars away from the normal Friday gloom, a modest sized group of four PAX posted for a circuit-style sweat-fest. YHC brought a coupon and a ruck; the ruck will be explained later. YHC also wore an army green hunting kilt as a thank you to Humperdinck for lending it to YHC to dress as William Wallace as a chaperone for Perimeter School's upcoming Medieval Day.


Gave disclaimer and started a School-of-Rock-movie-inspired Spotify playlist. The PAX coupon-carried to the top of the Bridge tower closest to Lazy Dog; YHC wore the ruck and carried a coupon. Set coupons and ruck down. Warm up with SSH, WP, WM, Arm Circles, and Michael Phelps in cadence. Continue the warm-up with the Bridge-Deck Connector, pictured above. Mosey from bridge tower down stairs, around Lazy Dog, across the 2nd floor of the parking deck, past the YMCA ladies' 2nd floor deck bootcamp, U-turn to the right to the top of the parking deck, stop at the end where you can see across to the bridge tower where the aforementioned coupons lay. The PAX did 10 Jump Squats OYO and then moseyed back the same way.

The Thang:

Now that the PAX knew the connection, YHC explained the morning's beatdown would be circuit-training, where one PAX moseying on the Bridge / Deck Connector wearing the ruck would be the timer. Non-timer PAX would work the specified reps of Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 of their assigned station, alternating back and forth AMRAP. When the timer returned, PAX would rotate stations. Here was the first set of four stations:
Station Exercise 1 (Coupon Weight) Exercise 2 (Body Weight)
1 (Timer) Mosey the Bridge / Deck Connector wearing ruck At top of parking deck: 10 Jump Squats wearing ruck
2 Farmer's carry 2 coupons to other Bridge Tower and back 10 Perfect Merkins
3 10 Big Boy Situps with Overhead Press 5x run down stairs and back up to top
4 20 Curls Bear Crawl to other end of Bridge; mosey back
Once all PAX rotated through the four stations, there was enough time for the PAX to do two more rounds of a second circuit, keeping the same ruck-mosey timer station:
Station Exercise 1 (Coupon Weight) Exercise 2 (Body Weight)
1 (Timer) Ruck mosey to top of parking deck and back 10 Jump Squats at top of parking deck
5 20 Goblet Squats 10 Derkins
6 15 Wood Chopper 20 Dips
7 5 Blockees 20 Superman Jacks
The PAX packed up their coupons, ruck and bluetooth speaker with a few minutes to spare. We coupon-carried back to the starting point with no time left for Mary.


Announcements included the May the Fourth convergence and the reopening of Bushwood AO May 24. The PAX shared prayer requests and praises, and YHC prayed.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Encouraged by Humperdinck's assertion that many an ovary among the YMCA women was reactivated at the sight of YHC in a kilt, the William Wallace costume at Medieval Day was a total success. YHC also plans to incorporate the Bridge / Deck Connector in future workouts. The PAX could gauge how far into the circuit they were by glancing across the divide from bridge tower to parking deck to spot the timer PAX, making it an effective timing mechanism that gave sufficient time to get in a good number of reps.

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