Selfie Station Run

AO: Crossroads

When: 2024-04-15

QIC: Hollywood

PAX (9): Button, Caffey, Ha-ha, Lefty, lumbergh, Scar, Stu, TopHat


At one point we had 8 HC's so thought we would have a great crowd for our Monday morning run...  Did get a nice surprise with a visit from Scar today!


No warming up here but we did notice a blinding light coming form the Crabapple Marketplace Stage.  Seems that some company left their commercial selfie booth plugged in, and turned on all night.  Boy was it bright....

The Thang:

Tried to get a bit creative but spoiled by a fence on Old Rucker Road.  Started out down Broadwell and then Left on Rucker all the way to the VFW.   Fast crew ran all the way back to touch the fence and back up to the top of nut Hill.  Down Peanut Hill and followed Mayfield all the way home.


Rubicon and Norseman beatdown scheduled for Rubicon Anniversary this Thursday.  Other than that a quick prayer led to Stu wanting to go check out the Selfie Station and got a well light photo of the men in the gloom.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead, and thanks for all for joining.

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