TO’s BD Board of Pain

AO: The Bound

When: 2024-04-03


PAX (12): Birdie, Ha-ha, Jackalope, Knight Rider, Nacho Libre, Roman, Rudy, Stu, Tank, TO, Yellowstone, FlatIron


The rain stopped and 12 PAX gathered in the gloom outside of the NLB dining hall for little bit of Nacho and Jackalope mumble chatter and a beatdown.


A lap around the parking lot for the pax followed by Hill Billies and Weed Pickers.  The smack talk was already heating up so the Circle Burp was skipped and on to the Thang.

The Thang:

The pax assembled at the bottom of the parking lot by the dining hall and began work on YHC's Board of Pain.  A list of 12 exercises to be completed sequentially and cumulatively.  Do the first exercise (one rep) and run to the top of the hill and back.  Perform the second exercise (two reps) and then first again (one rep) and up the hill and back.  Continue to work up the list while also performing each prior exercise.
  1. Mercins
  2. Burpees
  3. Jump Squats
  4. Shoulder Taps
  5. Flutter Kicks
  6. Reverse Lunges
  7. Mike Tyson's
  8. LBCs
  9. Hand Release Mercins
  10. Squats
  11. Plank Jacks
  12. Side Squats
Nacho and Jackalope took turns with the mumble chatter, each outdoing the other throughout the BD.  Most of Nacho's was directed at YHC, but all delivered with love (I think!).  By 10 past six, the Six was complete.  Perfect timing


Some prayer requests to keep in mind:
  • Ha Ha's dad is recovering from an infection related to his previous surgery
  • Jackalope has two kids overseas
  • Shout out to Yellowstone who just completed the program and is off campus now.  Just had his first night in his apartment!
  • Next Friday (4/12) is the 8pm to 8am Beatdown at the Boneyard

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great to be back at the Bound.  Thank you MIllerTime for keeping this AO going and growing and all the impact you and the rest of the regulars are making at The Bound.

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