March Madness (CSAUP Style)

AO: The Bridge

When: 2024-03-22

QIC: Potter (Matt Rowand)

PAX (8): Animal, Dinghy, Fuzzy Dice, Hackeysack, Popper (Dan Richard), Scrooge, Spackle


Felt like making this one a special BD to celebrate some March Madness basketball, busted brackets, unwind and have a good time.  The sense I was getting was that PAX were in the mood for a little break and friendly competition.  On the menu is some games (for grown up kids) with some exercises to break it up.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmill, Weed Picker, Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang:

Count off by 2's.  8 is perfect!  Materials consist of mini basketballs, 5 gallon buckets, and some bowling pins. 5 games in all.  The winning team of each game gets to choose one exercise from the 11 in the first column and 11 in the second and then roll 2 dice for the second team's column 1 and column 2 exercises. Roll of one die x 20 gives us the number of reps.  60 reps or more can be shared between the team.  No repeated exercises. Game 1: Knock the Pins using the slide - 1 player, 3 rolls - Team 1 won First set of exercises Game 2: Shoot through the ropes: Team 1 wins again 2nd set of Ex's Game 3: Dribble Race - Team 2 finally gets one 3rd set of Ex's Game 4: Ball in a bucket challenge - Team 1 wins again 4th set of Ex's Game 5: Reverse Shot Target Practice 5th Set of Ex's   Keep going on the exercises trying to finish all 11 in each column for the rolled rep count (x20).  We had to split most of them. Exercises below:
Dice Roll Rd. 1 Team 1 Team 2 Rd. 2 Team 1 Team 2
2 Merkin     V-Up    
3 Monkey Humper     Groiner    
4 LBC     Inch Worm    
5 Copperhead Squat     Mountain Goats    
6 AST     Mahktar N’Djaiye    
7 Mountain Climbers     Burpees    
8 UNCarolina Drydocks     Surrenders    
9 Bonnie Blair     Tuck Jumps    
10 Lungers     Diamond Merkins    
11 Big Boy SU     J Lo    
12 Bobby Hurleys     Tanks    
  I believe both teams made it through 10 of the 11 ex's.  Nice work HIM's!        


Cross Ruck on 3/29 - no Bridge Convergence 5/4/24 Prayers for dads (Potter's, Popper's Pa-in-law)  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I'm starting to realize that when I get the feeling to do something gimmicky and amusing to give people a break, PAX who want a break take an actual break and do not post to the AO.  Those that do show up want a full on beat down.  So I think next time I'm feeling gimmicky, that's when I need to prep a no holds barred BD that leaves PAX in heap of blood sweat and tears.  Next time...

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