A walk in the park

AO: The Wreck

When: 2024-03-27

QIC: Rooney- timlonergan

PAX (20): Rooney- timlonergan, ue, missionary, chowdah, dangle, meltdown, bear, backside, bobber, echo,


Light yoga and exercises were advertised, but the request upon arrival was for a hard workout when I asked the crew. The plan was just a walk in the park… but we modified as needed and added some exercises along the way for that planned lap.


disclaimer , check Side straddle hops for the six… if someone was having trouble getting out of their bed.  Turns out many of them decided to just stay in bed so we moved on to the play ground -For a plank warm up, a bear special, staying in the position for a multitude of exercises- mountain climbers Peter Parker’s Parker Peter’s birddog and plenty of Merkins -then a rotation of pull-ups, swing pulls, and apolo anton onos.  Bonnie Blair’s for the six many times throughout the Q

The Thang:

Next stop for the walk in the park was the hill- Side lunges or backwards lunges up squat jumps at the top 20 merkins at the bottom 20 3 sets then mosey on over to the parking lot for some fun, but to get there, scale the walls sideways with a derkin or incline merkin between each side step   Naturally, coupons were sighted… Curls (and unilateral RDLs) for the girls side plank lift offs until time


Q sheet is open next week! make sure you don’t bring music so we can listen to the birds

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I had some encouragement and a challenge for the pax. I wanted to express my appreciation for everyone diligently coming to exercise. Without the accountability and knowing that there were guys ready to work outside early in the morning… I don’t think I would be there.  In fact, I’m quite confident. Challenge: to get these guys to keep on pressing toward that goal. Also on that note, I believe that we are put on this earth to love God and love others.  I encouraged everyone to be looking out for opportunities to serve those around you (could be a cool lighthouse mission trip like Juul) or a small thing for a neighbor’s need… or maybe someone that lives in your home.  We can be the men that have the courage to do it. As I said, on my last q, as cheesy as it may be, We are writing our story every day.   So let’s make it a good one, and let’s make some memories along the way.

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