3rd Annual March Madness beatdown

AO: Big Creek

When: 2024-03-27

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (10): Crab Cake, Mantooth, Olaf, Paparazzi, Pinkman, Snake, Snowman, Soul Glo, Whiz


Last Friday was supposed to be my 3rd annual March Madness beatdown, however when Homer from F3 Gwinnett reached out and wanted to take it, I was happy to oblige.  I thought I might not be able to do it, but when Mantooth needed a Q for Big Creek, I remembered the beautiful BBall courts at fowler park and took that baby!


Mosey to the BBall courts, picking up my Basketball on the way. Spread out on the court for some traditional F3 warm ups and a few basketball warm ups. WMH, WP, Copperhead sumo squats, SSH Then we got in the defensive stance and did foot fire. Defensive slide in the direction I point, if I point up to a burpee.  Only about a minute of that and the leg complaining was starting.

The Thang:

-1 Suicide with a Burpee at each turn, for 8 burpees -Run to half court, run backwards back. Run to fullcourt, run backwards back. 10 mercans at every turn for 40 mercans Brought out the rock. Everyone got a shot from the top of the key. Miss it and the exercise was worse.  I might have the order wrong... Crabcake - Not a good start. Tried to blame the wind but there wasn't any. Fell hard about 2 feet short of the basket. Must have been the 40 mercans. That was intentional. So we did 15 burpees Snake -  Is this a trend? Was it the burpees, or maybe Snake played soccer?  Airball.  Maybe should've brought a girls ball.  Run to end line and back - 20 Alpha count Mountain climber plank jacks Olaf - BOOM nothing but net.  This kid was a hooper about 20 lbs ago. Just kidding bro, he can still hoop! If he missed, it was 10 wolverines. PHEW!! 5 wolverines Mantooth - Now this kid may arguably be the best hooper F3 has in the state. 6'5" and strong. Nope...F**kin airball.  OK ok, it was the wolverines this time...arms were jello.  He still could have dunked on me. We ran around the court stopping in all 6 lanes, 10 mercans and 10 BBSU in each lane. OK now the arms are getting tired. VG-OK it was my turn now.  I've been known to drop a few tre's in my time, so I stepped up and I drained that sucker. OK it was bank shot but the BANK WAS OPEN, BITCHES!! Broad jump burpees to halfcourt and lungewalk back. Whiz up next - said something about a torn labia before letting go a shot.  Whiz has 3 daughters and he certainly adopted his form from one of them.  It may have brushed the bottom of the net.  Run to end line and back, then do 20 BonnieBlair jump squats. Legs burning. Snowman - He was obviously watching me for pointers because he banked that baby in, even with a bad shoulder. Thank God he took off the Kurt Rambis goggles before shooting. Run to end line and back, 10 mercans, 20 crunchy frogs Soul Glo - I didn't even mention the exercise we would do if he made it...Grew up in a country I can't pronounce. Didn't see a basketball until he got over here. Surely there was soccer so I told him he could kick it if he wanted to.  Miss.  15 Hillbilly squats. Pinkman - He was waiting until he could shoot after a leg exercise. Stepped up in his quiet composed manner and drained it.  I think a bank shot again, but it counts! 20 alpha count step ups on the benches in the middle. Paparrazi - I was halfway through explaining what exercise we will do and he throws up a backwards granny shot!  Dude, we have bodybuilders coming, you're taking a mulligan! Well...the mulligan looked like a drunk girl trying to throw a punch. Brick. 10 bodybuilders.


Napalm Q at Jericho Snowman's adapting to his new boss and his Mother in law for strength for the family Cross Ruck Friday Pre Easter hike to Indian seats Saturday morning

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Had a blast this morning, enjoyed a good workout and some fun to go with it.

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