Heidi for Dinghy

AO: Meathouse

When: 2024-03-26

QIC: Fuzzy Dice

PAX (5): Fuzzy Dice, Hackeysack, Half-Dozen, HIPAA, Pigtails


The PAX gathered in the gloom, searching - in vain - for their leader. Finding none - they turned to the the Dealer's Choice from Fuzzy Dice's phone!


SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Michael Phelps, Copperhead Squats, FD Squat Stretch

The Thang:

Inspired/adapted from: Heidi 23 minute AMRAP (ended up being 3 full rounds in ~24 mins):
  • 23 Air Squats
  • 23 Merkins
  • 23 Kettlebell Swings
  • 23 Jumping Lunges (Bonnie Blairs-ish) or regular lunges - alpha
  • 23 Butterfly Big-Boy's
  • 23 Step-up's (full-extension at top!)
  • 23 Deadlift / Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Drop packs / coupons, and mosey to pull-up bars, then... EMOM 5x5 strict pull-ups. Mosey back to packs/coupons and back to flag.  2 copperhead squats to time.


Cross Ruck Friday (no Bridge)

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