An ode to McLovin

AO: Galaxy

When: 2024-03-19

QIC: McLovin (Amir Oren)

PAX (1): Wideright


McLovin from F3, quite hearty,

Started a tale at the party. His workout, a story, Left unfinished, oh sorry! His memory failed, quite tarty.


He’d sprint, lift, and jump with great zeal, Each morning, despite how he’d feel. But when pen hit the paper, His mind turned to vapor, The end of his tale never sealed.

The Thang:

His routine had burpees galore, Murder bunnies that made his muscles sore. Donkey kicks in the mix, Till he was in a fix, Such exercises, oh how they tore! His mates in the fellowship teased, “Your tale’s like your runs, never eased!” With a laugh and a grin, He’d promise, then spin, Yet his story remained unreleased.


So here’s to McLovin, so spry, Whose workouts could make spirits fly. May his story find ending, With less time on amending, And more on F3’s high sky.

With burpees, bunnies, and kicks, His story's end, we still fix. But in fitness and faith, He finds his wraith, In F3, his camaraderie sticks.

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