Jaywalked to the Core

AO: Galaxy

When: 2024-03-22

QIC: Jaywalk (Charlie Mason)

PAX (6): Abacus (Mark Green), Forest, Forrest, Jaywalk (Charlie Mason), Jillian, Sparky, Wideright




SSH, Weed Pickers, DQs, CH Squats, Michael Phelps

The Thang:

5 exercises done for 1 minute each, with 15 second rest between: 4-touch planks mtn climbers freddie mercuries dips merkins Then, repeat the above. Then run 2 big loops (totaling 0.5 or 0.6 mi) Next round of exercises (still 1 minute each with 15 second break between): burpees squats bonnie blairs sit-ups diamonds repeat the above. Then run 2 smaller laps (totaling more like 0.3 mi). Stretch for 4-5 minutes, then recover.  


Prayers for those traveling and those sick and/or recovering.

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