There’s No Easy Way Out

AO: Badapple

When: 2024-03-20

QIC: The_OG Zima

PAX (12): Chalupa, Cornhole, goat, No-See-Um, Ponyboy, Porkchop (Ryan Stackable), Rusty, Spider, Sweeper (Matt Haywood), The_OG Zima, Trebek, Do Work


Coupon required. Kettlebell is best. A Cinder can work as well but there's no easy way out.


SSH, Weedpicker, Windmill, Copperhead Squat, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Shoulder Taps. After warm up, all pax bring coupons to the LAX fields.

The Thang:

After all pax drop their coupons at the LAX fields, mosey to basketball courts. Pax circle up, get in high-plank position. To the song "No Easy Way Out" pax begin with plank jack. When the lyrics "No Easy Way Out" or "No Shortcut home" are played, perform a merkin. Next mosey back to the LAX field and the coupons.  Pax performed a series of exercises in 6 rounds starting with Round 1. After each round, run to end of field, do 10 plank jacks, then run back to coupons and move to the next round. Rinse & Repeat until all 6 rounds are done. Run a lap around the field and start back at Round 1 until time. Exercises are below. Rep count 25 for every exercise, 10 reps for Bonnie Blairs
  • Round 1: Overhead Press, Skull Crushers, Bonnie Blairs
  • Round 2: Merkins, Wide-arm Merkins, Bonnie Blairs
  • Round 3: Swings, V-Chops, Bonnie Blairs
  • Round 4: V-ups, Am Hammer, Bonnie Blairs
  • Round 5: Bowties, Halo's, Bonnie Blairs
  • Round 6: Thrusters, Goblet Squats, Bonnie Blairs


Prayer Requests:
  • Continued prayers for Goose
  • Continued prayers for Chalupa and his family
  • Prayers for Ponyboy's grandmother for a speedy recovery from a stroke
Announcements: Beer Ruck this Sat 2pm @ Ceviche/Hyde

Naked-Man Moleskin:

@Rusty: Empire in my Mind by the Wallflowers was the name of the song.

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