Are you ready for some Football?

AO: Nirvana

When: 2024-03-16

QIC: Dosido

PAX (10): Buckshot, Dosido, MillerTime, Shortcake, Special K, Spider, Sprocket, Sweeper, Tank, Zohan


QIC teased some play-time could be earned if we put in the work first..


Short mosey, then circle up for an early morning unexpected test of focus and discipline. QIC gave the rep total for SSH, QIC will only count a few of the reps and will stop counting well before the total is reached, the PAX must continue the count in silence and all end at the same time. Burpee penalty if someone is off. Well, some were off, which is not surprising the 1st time through, so let's repeat it to a different total, QIC counted off the tempo/cadence for the first few, then went silent again, all PAX were hyper-focused to NOT be the guy to make a mistake... Another failed attempt however, so more burpees for a penalty. The final attempt resulted in a pretty cool, successful perfect finish.

The Thang:

25 minutes of racing stuff. 1st race: partner up with similar sized PAX. PAX A farmer carry 2 cinders around the island while PAX B performs 10 mercans then sprints to tag partner. Switch roles, B the farmer carry while A drops for 10 mercans then sprints to catch up...repeat this for 4 laps. 1st place team won Starbucks GCs (Buckshot/Sweeper) Awesome job - they were never going to be caught. 2nd race: Partner carry for 2 laps switching frantically as needed to somehow get around the track for 2 laps. Here's where we left some blood on the tarmac. Unfortunately, our round 1 winners were not fated to a tremendous victory but instead to a tremendous crash; pretty sure they were a DNF in this round. Prayers for Buckshot and his knee, and Sweeper and his various other injured parts; seriously, it was not good. Are you ready for some Football? let's get the sound system and the football, and the teams over the playing field for some 5 on 5, we have 35mins of playing time. I can't tell you how many amazing plays almost happened, but didn't. I can tell you we all had a blast; even the Zohan who confessed he's never played a single moment of football in his life. The man caught-on quick though and had a crucial reception on a frightening lousy drive that added the right momentum at just the right moment to lead his team to a TD on the very next play. Some highlights: Dosi/QB to hit Shortcake/WR on a short slant for a beautiful TD. Shortcake/QB to hit Sweeper/WR on a bomb in the endzone - what a beauty!  Tank/kick-off returner nearly juked the entire field on a stunning return. Spider, Sprocket, and Special K were consistent WR leaders helping their teams march down the field. Honestly, I feel like I'm forgetting something...? ...oh yeah, MT caught a controversial TD, it was just ok. I think I'll bring a football game every time I Q - it's a fun change of pace to blow off steam.


YHC shared how important the Men of F3 have been through the years. The men have been the only consistent part, YHC's mental failures have been the roller coaster, but the men are always there to provide the bail out.  Prayers were mentioned, laughs were had, and coffeeteria to follow was a great time together. Until next time, peace out Dosi

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