I Thought That Speed Bump Was A Little Closer

AO: Norseman

When: 2024-03-05

QIC: Untouchable

PAX (16): Bottom Bunk, Callahan, Cam's, Chapter 11, Credit Check, DeLorean, DirtyMO, Ha-ha, Huffy, Knight Rider, Matlock, Password 123, Shortcake, TO, Tumbleweed, Untouchable


Glorious weather this morning for a beatdown.


After moseying 1/2 way to the upper softball fields, we stopped for some SSH’s, Weedpickers (of which the Q lost count!), Hillbillies, Covid’s (which are Michael Phelps on my Q) and arm circles.  Continues to mosey to the upper fields.

The Thang:

Once at the fields we paired up for a little Dora.  100 incline merkins, 200 step ups and 300 Freddy Mercury’s.  Those who finished early did some core work while the 6 came in. After a mosey back to the street we stayed with your partner.  One partner started broad burpeees down the road while the other did 20 offset merkins.  Once done they ran to their partner to take over the broad burpees while the partner took over the merkins.  The original plan was to go to the speed bump which in my mind was waaaaaay closer.  Called an audible after quite a few broad burpees and moseyed to the parking lot. In the parking lot we split into 2 groups for a little dealers choice.  One team member would give his team an exercise to do while they ran across the parking lot and back.  Went through the group twice before we moseyed back to the flag.


Knight Rider gave out a few badges to the anyone who did the Hillseeker - TO, Bottombunk, DeLorean, Shortcake and Dirty Mo.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Please keep in your prayers the son of Shortcakes friend and TO’s uncle.  Praise and continued prayers for Ha-ha’s father.

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