Trying bad ideas

AO: Boneyard

When: 2024-03-04

QIC: Zohan

PAX (9): Bo Knows, Chanel, Dark_Side, FannyPack, Mater, NRA, Speedo, Stifler (Jeff Levy), Zohan


Yours truly has dropped some hints that I'm working on a new Exicon version. Mater called me out on the backblast, telling the PAX I'll be doing some experimenting. I did not want to disappoint.


Disclaimer was given at 5:30am, followed by Bo Knows arriving hot. Mosey in the parking lot and circle up for some basic exercises - SSH, Windmills, Squats, Hillbillies, OYO FW/BW arm circles and covids. Introduced a new exercise called The Sketch (I misnamed it during the beatdown) - Start at high Plank. Pick up opposite hand and foot and pass foot under your body and through until you can touch your butt to the ground (you look sort of break dancing) then back to where you started. Now other side. That's 1 alpha-count.

The Thang:

Moseyed down the stairs and on the trail. Stopped at the bottom of a hill. Partner up. This one is called "Bridge over the nest" (again, misnamed during the beatdown) and the reader's challenge is to figure out why. Anyway, one partner starts Bear Crawl up the hill, while the other partner does 10 Merkins, 10 LBCs and 10 Squats, then runs forward all the way to the top of the hill, then back down to where his partner is crawling and switch. Partner 2 runs to the bottom to do their exercises while partner 1 continues the bear crawl. Seems like the hill I chose was not long enough, so the first set of partners reached the end point and started bear crawling down. We recovered after the 2nd set of partners caught up with the first set, went back down and rinse and repeated.
Prisoner Indian Run to the field. Basically an Indian run, but with hands locked behind your head. The person who sprints can run normally.
Circle up at the field for The Grateful Dead, which is a Plank-o-Rama (my version of it). Start at high plank, do 10 Merkins, rotate 360 to the right, 10 alpha count shoulder taps, down to low plank, 10 OYO chilcutt jacks (plank jacks done at low plank), up to high plank, 10 diamond merkins, rotate 360 left, 10 IC touching knee with opposite hand under the body, down to low plank, 10 chilcutt peter parkers, back to high plank, 10 wide merkins, 1o OYO plank jacks, down to low plank, 10 dancing chilcutt alpha count (raise one leg while in low plank position).
Next was Jacked Up. OYO 50 SSH, 50 Seal Jacks (like SSH, but clap in front). The PAX found this movement a bit odd, and I agree. 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Smurf Jacks and 10 chilcutt jacks (see above).
After a 10 count we went to the corner of the field and YHC called Sheldon Cooper - 10 burpees, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats and 10 BBSU, then run a lap. Next rounds would be 9 each, 8 each, etc. YHC called to do the first round and air chair for the 6. YHC called Sheldon Cooper. YHC called to do the first round and air chair for the 6. PAX mumbled that my memory is failing fast for a 45 years old. YHC explained that Bill Murray (Groundhog day) is like Sheldon Copper, but the counts always stay 10 each. Now the mumble chatter was all about the movie, one PAX who did not see it yet and what was the name of the main character?? (A: Phil) We needed to recover after the first round. Or 3rd. Depending how you count.
Moseyed to the flag. YHC called out Starfish Crunch. Hold 6". Bring opposite elbow and knee together, back to 6", flap jack. That's 1. You know the old adage "if you cannot do it, don't Q it"? That's how I felt. Fortunately it was 6:15am and we stopped.

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