Borrowing from Hooch Qs Before Me

AO: The Hooch

When: 2024-02-28

QIC: Irene

PAX (27): BallBoy, Birdie, Boomer, Chesapeake, Credit Check, Dinghy, Feathers, Fuzzy Dice, HIPAA, Humperdinck, Luau (36/200), Maguire, Mater, Meatball, Popper (Dan Richard), PuffDaddy, Scrooge, Shrimp, Spackle, Sunshine, TURK, Utah, Zazu, Zima, Julius, Harding


YHC is on a Q Tour of The Alpha (Central and JC) for 2024. Currently knocking out the AOs that fill their Q-sheets the fastest. I don't make it over to the Hooch as often as I should - Mondays are hard! - but when I've come I've always had a good time. Since I don't come over that often, I kept it simple and borrowed a little bit from the Qs who've come before me for this BD.


No FNGs, so I threw out the quick intro and disclaimer - forgetting my trademark "Don't sue anyone,  I'm not that kind of lawyer" line. Off we go to the bakery for the Warm-Up. SSH, Copperhead Squats, Toy Soldiers, Hillbillies, Arm Circles, and Michael Phelps to get the blood pumping. One more mosey to Perimeter before we really begin.

The Thang:

First things first: my first Q at Hooch was with Angus and when we arrived at the donut, I was told we always need to do a bear crawl lap. This seemed like the easiest way to start the BD, so Pax were instructed to bear crawl the traffic circle and air-chair for the 6. After regrouping, we took a quick right and partnered up. My second Q at Hooch was a Ready-Mix Q in late 2023. We ran the Ready-Mix Gauntlet before performing a partner Bernie and chase. Not wanting to attempt the Ready-Mix Gauntlet, I opted for the partner chase this morning. Partner 1 Bernie's the outside of the parking lot while Partner 2 performs 3 Kraken Burpees before moseying to flap-jack. Pax completed 3 laps in 6 minutes before YHC called an end with a High-Plank for the 6. After gathering up, we moseyed to the soccer field - averting our eyes from the donut to avoid another bear crawl. Stealing from Angus again, YHC called a four corners: All Abs. We did two rounds, changing out corners 2 and 4 on round 2. 10 Groiners 20 Alpha Fire Hydrants     (Alpha 1-leg Donkey Kicks) 30 Reverse LBCs 40 Alpha J. Los     (Pickle Pounders) Pax held a High Plank for the 6 at the end of each round. After the 4 corners, we took one more Bear Crawl donut for the road and headed back to the Regal Lot. Upon return we needed a bit more work to reach time, so 11s of Bobby Hurleys and Diamond Merkins between the parking spaces. A few pax finished early and led Round 1 of Mary executing 3 exercises before we all moseyed to the flag for Round 2 of Mary to time performing 7 more exercises.


Prayers, Praises, and Announcements: 1. Prayers for Ashlynn (5yo beginning Chemo for Kidney Cancer) 2. Prayers for the Smith Family after the loss of their son in an accident on I-85. 3. Prayers for Humperdink's Texas friend. 4. Hillseeker this weekend in support of No Longer Bound. Check Slack if your interested in joining a team. 5. Informal 2nd F to watch Dune 2 (3/4 @8pm). Dune is available on Netflix through 2/29 6. Fish Fry Fridays at St. Brigid on Old Alabama. Come see Dinghy, Stroller, and I serving fishes and washing dishes.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you all for coming out. I'm continually impressed by the numbers at Hooch and your continued recruitment of new HIM. I appreciate all of the positive feedback on my Qs - it really keeps me motivated to stay creative and try new things. And, after a Feathers reminder, I'll make a comeback in the warmer months for a Mario Kart BD, so practice your animal movements! It is an honor to lead.

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