HillSeeker Primer

AO: Academy

When: 2024-02-27

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (7): Devito, HotSauce, lumbergh, MillerTime, Turbine, Catfish


Put it out there in the pre-blast that today was the last day to work the legs before Hillseeker starts this Friday.  While there was a certain lawyer who was treating this like a Code Red, we still had 6 PAX answer the call, including Down-ranger Catfish.


Mosey to the top of the parking deck.  And what did we find?!? A few coupons waiting for us!

The Thang:

  1. Rotating AMRAP stations.  1 Pax when up and down the stairs, while the rest of us completed various exercises: Overhead Press, Weighted Lunges, Bear Crawl, Mercans, Goblet Squats, Freddie Mercuries.  Once the Pax returned, we rotated clockwise for two full rotations.
  2. Mosey back to the track for a mile of speed work: sprint the straight-aways, mosey the turns.
  3. Hillseeker inspired Board of Pain. Unfortunately I wiped the board before I snagged a photo, but there were burpees, fire hydrants, Supermans, curls and more.  In other words, not all legs.    After each set, each PAX was rewarded with a climb up the stairs.


HillSeeker this weekend!  Come join us on Sat/Sun Mornings at Tower road, and maybe spend a lap or two talking to the gentlemen of No Longer Bound. -Prayers for the Grathwohls.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.

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