Fun burpees?

AO: The Last Stand

When: 2024-02-26

QIC: Ballerina

PAX (04): Ballerina, Jorts, Marcia, Mountain Dew


Welcome back Marcia!


Side straddle hop, toy soldier, skull clap, bear hug, weed picker, mosey

The Thang:

Burpee merkin pyramid ( 1 burpee, merkins ascending from 1-10) 10 captain Thor, 1 outside 1 inside Peter Parker alpha count X 10 mosey burpee squat pyramid (1 burpee, squat ascending from 1-10) plank sit thru to 10 rope climb crunches x 10 mosey burpee merkin pyramid ( descending 10-1) burpee squat pyramid ( descending 10-1) plank ,drop to 10 Superman ,back to plank x10


Gratitude and prayers for health

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