School of Rock

AO: Meathouse

When: 2024-02-20

QIC: Popper

PAX (5): Fuzzy Dice, Hackeysack, HIPAA, PuffDaddy


Angus called an audible on Monday afternoon and asked for a Meathouse substi-Q on short notice. YHC grabbed the slot and dusted off & updated an upper-body 0.0 Meathouse weinke from around this time last year. The plan was to give the PAX a good strength workout focusing on good form over speed, while sharing the music of a few of the bands YHC first discovered during my college years at Georgia Tech. Some of these acts emerged on the music scene during my university years, while others debuted in the years prior, unbeknownst to me until I heard them blasting at max volume in the dorms.


PAX assembled at 5:30 for the disclaimer. YHC kicked off a playlist headlined by Death Cab for Cutie and led the PAX through a warm-up of Side Straddle Hop, Weed Picker, Windmill, Imperial Walker, Michael Phelps, and Overhead Claps, in cadence.

The Thang:

YHC handed out a weinke to each PAX and explained the format:
  1. While listening to two songs apiece from each of five bands / artists, the PAX would cycle through a set of four exercises, performing the specified number of reps of each exercise.
  2. Rinse & repeat those four exercises, using proper form and taking breathers as needed, until the band's two songs finished, and a new band's music started.
  3. Rinse & repeat this format for each of the five bands until time is called.
The program:
Round Artist Song Time Repped Exercises w/Coupon
Min Sec 5 10 15 20
1 Death Cab for Cutie I Will Possess Your Heart 12 14 Warm Up
Cath… Squat Thrusters Perfect Merkins Glute Bridge Pullover Curls
2 Outkast Hey Ya! 8 57 Blockees Coupon Halos Overhead Press Dips
Bombs Over Baghdad
3 Radiohead Airbag 11 13 Derkins Kettle Bell Swings Skull Crushers Bent-over Rows
Paranoid Android
4 Dave Matthews Band Grace is Gone 9 17 Coupon Squat Press Irkins Wood Chopper Ruck & Coupon Shrugs (Hold 3 seconds; switch hands periodically)
Satellite (w/Tim Reynolds)
5 Kanye West Gold Digger 6 40 Mary
Jesus Walks
We were doing rotating Mary exercises to the clean version of Gold Digger when the clock struck 6:15 and YHC called time.


Announcements and prayers

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC enjoys curating a workout playlist as much as a workout regimen. The planning of this one prompted a nostalgic trip down memory lane which YHC enjoyed thoroughly. Hope the PAX didn't come to hate this great music bc of the pain associated with it on this fateful morning.

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