SpeedBump Coopers

AO: Rubicon

When: 2024-02-22

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (15): Avis, Caffey, Devito, FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, Lefty, Lil Hurt, lumbergh, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Shazam, Special K, Trebek


Cooper?  What's that??  SpeedBump? Where am I?? Getting back to some roots with the routine, but the location was so fresh. 10 HC became 15 PAX on a not-as-cold morning.


Took a quick mosey around the lot and then continued to the nearest playground, where we circled up for SSH, WeedPickers, HillBillies, Arm Circles, wrapping up with Michael Phelps.  Since we are here, we may as well do a quick Morning Call as well.  2 at a time, PAX did 5 pullups while counting and the rest of us did Mercans to match.

The Thang:

The SpeedBump is a totally new place no one had been before, so I got the privilege of naming it.  Kinda crazy that this whole big hill was right next to the Rubicon all these years...  I have a feeling we'll be back to the SpeedBump again soon, it was a big hit. The Cooper is an old routine, and based on the BB's from pre-2020, was fairly common at one point.  10x Burpees, 10x Mercans, 10x Squats, followed by a lap or short run.  Then do 9x of each, run, 8x, run, etc.  We broke into two teams, each taking a side of the road to give more space.  Instructions were to leave no man behind- high plank for the 6 at each stop.  We started with 10x at the bottom of the SpeedBump, ran up, did 9x at the top, continuing in such a manner until the natural conclusion of the regimen. We then mosey'd back to the playground, but the PAX were spread thin so we paused for high plank/right side up/left side up, long enough for us to regroup. On the way back to the flag, we stopped at the Grassy Knoll to knock out rounds 1-6 of Captain Thor.


NLB workout this Saturday is postponed. Commercials for Nirvana and Black Widow Maker Widow Black.  4 open Q slots in April.  Rumors of a Focker birthday Q coming soon...

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Fun to lead this morning and dust off old routines and places.  Thanks to the keepers of the BB's, I was able to check out old BD's from years past in preparation for this.  Great work men- FP

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