Switch Switch Switch

AO: Black Widow

When: 2024-02-17

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Corner Kick, Cox, Mater, McEnroe, NRA, Roundup, ShuttleCock, Skip-pe, Zohan, Wheels, Github


Quick disclaimer was given. It was colder outside than I thought it would be and did not want to stand a talk much. Mosey up and out of the part, to the cul-de-sac at the entrance. Cox's car was speeding into the park as we were running out. Circle for SSH, Chinooks, Covids, Toy Soldiers and Copper Head Squats (not in that order). Since Cox did not arrive yet, we did Rocky Balboa (fast leg work) for 1 minute on the curbside. Still no sign of Cox, but we continued on.

The Thang:

  • We started to run outside of the park toward Fox Road. Every lamp post alternate between Bernie, Mosey and Sprint. Squats for the six as Cox (with Wheels) catching up. Lunges a couple of lamp posts, then mosey into fox road and back into the park near the tennis courts.
  • 11s in the parking lot, starting with 10 Jack Webbs on one side and 1 Captain Thor a few feet away. Step ups and dips were called for the 6.
  • Wolverines vs. the Kraken: Mosey up and across to the other parking lot. Split into 3 groups. One group runs to the middle of the baseball fields, around the building and back. One group does AMRAP Kraken (Burpee with 3 hand release merkins) and the other group AMRAP Wolverines (Burpee with a mix of Peter Parker and 3 merkins). YHC originally thought we'll do Round 2, but when asked literally no one wanted a second round of that. Now, I know that F3 isn't a Democracy but I sure didn't want another round and it was nice to have a consensus.
  • PAX were instructed to line up on both sides of the trail. One side will start with Makhtar N'Diayes (AMRAP) and the other side with No Surrenders (AMRAP). Last person, YHC to start with, Bear Crawls zig zagging between the PAX and telling them to switch to the other exercise, then find his place at the end of the line and call Go, sort of like an Indian run.
LOTS of mumble chatter in this section, from complains about the ground (eliciting Mufasa's mating call: "Do you want a yoga mat with that?"), to grunts from the pain and of course PAX calling "switch, switch, switch, switch" as they bear crawl. An audible was called for the next PAX to start bear crawling before the former finished or we would have been there for quite a while.
  • Partner up next to the concession wall. One partner does Balls to the Wall, or hold 6" as modification. The other PAX does the prescribed exercise then switch. Started with 15 Bonnie Blairs alpha, then 30 LBCs and finally 45 Calf Raises.
  • With 6 minutes to go we moseyed toward the flag through the soccer field and circled up at the center for Mary. 20 Freddie Mercury, 10 Gas Pumpers, 10 Pickle Pounders, 10 Pickle Pointers, 10 Monkey Humpers (those three are called The Big Sexy) and then repeat -  15 Pickle Pounders, 15 Pickle Pointers and 15 Monkey Humpers.


Reminder about the Royal Flush challenge

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This morning was colder than expected (a sentiment mentioned by multiple PAX as well) but 12 men did come out the gloom, and I appreciate each of them for the support, the teasing and friendship.

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