The Sled of Dread

AO: Firehouse

When: 2024-02-15

QIC: Seaman

PAX (5): Better Call Saul, Closets closets closets, Seaman, Suarez, Lingonberry


Thank you to Closets closets closets for bringing the sled for us to load up with rocks and drag around Matt Park.


Typewriters (like Weedpickers but left to right) Morrocan Night Clubs Chinooks Willy Mays Hayes Michael Phelps hurdler stretch slow, controlled leg raises

The Thang:

This was primarily a cinder BD Ten reps of an exercise, then carry a cinder, or drag the Sled of Dread with five rocks from the drainage. We each got two turns pulling the sled.  We started pulling it downhill, to fool the pax into thinking it was not too heavy, then the uphill leg was there to humble us. Merkins Curls Military Press Lawnmowers Alabama Prom Date Fire Hydrants Goblet Squats Uneven Merkins (with one hand on the cinder, then switch) We returned the rocks and the sled, then did a quick couple round of American sledgehammers (we lined up next to each and passed a cinder down the line and back a few times), thanks to the HIM of School of Rock for showing me that yesterday. Circle up for Mary, which lasted less than two minutes.  (TWSS)


2nd F next Tuesday, Pizzeria Azurri We are hosting the NLB BD Saturday, 3/23/24. Prayers for the pax, especially Suarez and his M, Better Call Saul's Mom, and folks who are traveling.  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to Sugar, for EHing Lingonberry to Starting Line, we are delighted to have him at Firehouse too.

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