Name That Tune Bday Edition

AO: Rubicon

When: 2024-02-15

QIC: Special K

PAX (13): Avis, Devito, FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, Lil Hurt, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Shazam, Tank, The Real Woody, uga


13 PAX came out for a birthday edition of Name That Tune. This time we revisited the the year I moved to the Atlanta area, with songs from 1996.


Mosey to the Cheesegrater parking lot:
  • SSH
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Weedpickers
  • Arm Circles

The Thang:

YHC brought out a playlist of 21 songs from the year, 1996, (the year I moved to Atlanta) for another round of Name That Tune. For this edition we made the exercises  winner’s choice. PAX counted off and split up into two teams. Each time a song was played the first PAX to name the song title and artist, assigned an exercise to be performed by the losing team for the duration of the song. Berfore starting the exercise, thelosing team also had to do 3 burpees for each song title and artist.  Winning PAX would do a run around two islands of the parking lot while the losing team performed the exercise. If no one could name the tune, all PAX did burpees until someone was able to come up with the correct answer. We had a variety of exercises, with and without coupons: Burpees, Curls, Squats, Blockees, LBCs … I believe most every song  was answered correctly, at least the title, if not the artist as well. Correct answers were pretty evenly distributed. Team 2 started out on fire, but Team 1 definitely held their own. Some impressive work by Tank, Focker, of course Shazam, and many others.  Avis got the Backstreet Boys after barely one note. Hmmm. PAX got through 21 songs (Rapid Fire on a few to get through the list) with just enough time to deposit coupons and mosey back to the flag while listening to Outkast for COT.


  • Watched the Space Station fly over for a bit (Thanks for the heads up Lumbergh)
  • Look on Slack for Zohan's challenge to visit and Q at different AOs
  • Hillseeker coming up

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor and pleasure to lead.  Thank you for coming out to help celebrate my 54th trip around the sun. 1996 Playlist:
  1. Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three
  2. Pony - Ginuwine
  3. Everything Falls Apart - Dog's Eye View
  4. No Diggity - Blackstreet
  5. Popular - Nada Surf
  6. Doin' It - LL Cool J
  7. Scooby Snacks - Fun Lovin' Criminals
  8. My Maria - Brooks & Dunn
  9. Stinkfist - Tool
  10. Amish Paradise - Weird Al Yankovic
  11. Bound For The Floor - Local H
  12. Mother Mother - Tracy Bonham
  13. Fire Water Burn - Bloodhound Gang
  14. Everybody - Backstreet Boys
  15. Strawberry Wine - Deana Carter
  16. Not an Addict - 's Choice
  17. Photograph - The Verve Pipe
  18. Bitch - Meredith Brooks
  19. Your Woman - White Town
  20. Wannabe - Spice Girls
  21. Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai

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