Overtime plus Rain at the Stone

AO: Grindstone

When: 2024-02-12

QIC: Swiper

PAX (4): Hail Mary, Snowman, Swiper, Whiz


The overtime SuperBowl Game/ Tay Tay watch party and monsoon conditions were sure to result in a less than stellar showing, but 4 hardos showed up in the Gloom to get stuff done.  LFG!


Mosey around to the parking lot by the tennis courts for Mary: Weed Pickers Windmills Good Mornings SSH

The Thang:

YHC (and Snowman) have experienced what it's like to have the skies open up on us at the Stone, so we headed to the tennis court pavilion for an oldie but a goodie - THE DECK OF DEATH!  However, we threw in a twist based on the 10 - 0 halftime score - all 2 through 9 cards would have to add 10 reps Spades = burpees Clubs = squats Diamonds = Diamond mercans Hearts = LBCs Jokers = run to the end of the parking lot / back pedal back


  • Prayers for YHC's son who is going through some tests for medical symptoms
  • Prayers for Snowman's mother-in-law

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Why do adverse conditions make beatdowns more fun?  It doesn't make any sense, but I've heard more PAX express it than I can count.  If you happen to be a fair weather posting kind of guy, I encourage you to gear up and come on out the next time there's high wind and pounding rain coming down (as long as no lightning present, safety is the first priority)  Give it a try and see how you feel after - as a wise man once said...you only get wet once! P.S. - The Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, Kelce and Taylor, Andy Reid and those stupid State Farm commercials can suck it.  We don't need another Brady-ish dynasty to continue for another 15 years

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