Do the Watermelon Crawl

AO: Nirvana

When: 2024-02-10

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (18): Biebs, Buckshot, Dosido, Groundhog, Icee, Lil Hurt, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Pumba, Red Ryder (the one that posts), Scuba_Steve, Shazam, Special K, Sprocket, Sweeper (Matt Haywood (Sweeper)), Tank, turkey


After a delightful back and forth banter on the channels with the common PAX who run their mouths and no show, we had 13 HC.  Instructions were given to bring a cinder, and YHC brought 7 extras.  (More to come on a coupon shortage) Weather perfect for a Pre-Ruck/Run and hour long BD.    The conversation was solid and far ranging. With the unfortunate passing of an American Patriot and Country Legend, the playlist had 5 Toby Keith songs to start followed by some solid 90's country hits. And, Pumba had never heard of the infamous The "Real" Woody and wasn't sure what to make of his arrival and possibly trademarked welcome. LET"S GO!


YHC was definitely thrown for a loop when there were 18 PAX standing around and waiting for the Beatdown to begin.  Biggest group at Nirvana to date and with all the cars in the lot, also littered with cinders, it was a tight fit.  So we moseyed a bit to do be able to properly circle up. 13 SSH 13 Hillbillies 13 Toy Soliders 13 Abe Vigodas Sun Gods Mosey to the Stadium...  

The Thang:

Er, the stadium is locked and so YHC circled the PAX around the lot (murmurs from new to Nirvana PAX that the QIC may be an idiot) and a modification was done to skip straight to the Morning Call portion of the BD. -Morning "Woody" Call: 2 PAX do 1 pull up, 1 burpee (at a time) to 5, Rest of PAX in plank and Merkin on the count.  There was definitely laughter and abuse for YHC from the PAX as the instructions given were difficult to comprehend and there were a few extra pull ups and burpees conducted by the "lucky" first 2 PAX.  Our dear friend No-See Um decided to release some pain, complaining of the fried chicken he had last night and I thought Miller Time and YHC were going to die...Luckily, we got through it, but the core was screaming from the all Merry BD the day before and staying in plank for a solid 10 minutes during the call. *Note - Red Rider has now stated this new version of Morning Call is to be referred to as the Morning Woody Mosey to the field at NWMS....(Pass the coupons again...Sweeper (maybe).."wouldn't it be great if we just told everyone to bring coupons and left them sitting there while we ran past them time and time again?" -Since we don't have the stadium lines and YHC was committed to this portion of the BD, instructions were given to bear crawl a 1st and 10 with 10 HRMerkins thrown in prior to running and Bernie Sanders back in 25 yard increments. Now that we're good and ready, let's go lift some coupons...mosey back to base.

-Partner up - 1 PAX farmer carries the lot with 2 cinders while other does (Switch/Repeat):

Squats, Lunges, Side lunges, Single leg squats, Bobby Hurleys

Now back to the coupon story...YHC brought 7 extras, yet still needed to dig deep for a couple of KBs (Kudos to Sweeper for pitching in with 1) just so we could each have 2 to carry.  Maybe some PAX should read the pre-blast and HC?!    Actually don't care with these great numbers of strong men getting better and supporting each other.

Next up:

-EMOM- exercise:/burpees 1 minute of the following exercises, 1 minute of burpees.  Yes, no rest.

Curls, Skull crushers, Swings, Bent over Rows, Wood choppers, Military Presses...Mosey around the lot when done.

"Nothing like slinging cinders and doing burpees to some 90's country.  Where is the Watermelon Crawl?"...No-See Um Dosido even did one when he heard Boot Scoot Boogie...young man Turkey isn't even sure who Brooks N' Dunn is... -EMOM with coupons (this time we rested so Scuba Steve could tell a number of Marine jokes (much to Icee's dismay). YHC accused the Navy man of being Coast Guard and his eyes turned to and killers was about throw his cinder at me.  Note to self:  YHC is not funny...don't ever do that again. Squats, Lunges, Side lunges, Single leg squats, Lateral Block Jumps 1 minute to go we did 15 LBCs on the 4 count...and TIME.        


Great promotion for helping No Longer Bound and opportunities for BDs and volunteering.  Prayers for Shazam's neighbor battling the Bad C, and for Sprocket who continues to battle sciatica pain.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Just an unbelievable privilege to lead the largest group to date at Nirvana.  Great to see and meet so many new faces. Coffeeteria held at Bagel 101..11 PAX showed...outstanding. We still need to open an F3 BBQ!

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