Deck the Boneyard

AO: Boneyard

When: 2024-02-09

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (11): FannyPack, Floater, Half-Dozen, Mater, Mounty, Pigtails, Reboot, Shrimp, Speedo, TURK, Zohan


Picked up a substi-Q for the second time this week.  This time I actually posted.  Great turnout this morning.  11 PAX is a great number, and all 11 happen to be great PAX. Simple Deck of Death on the agenda along with my top soundtrack from a movie- Rushmore, 1998.


Mosey down to the Tunnel of Despair where we made camp for the morning.  20 SSH, 10 windmills, 10 weedpickers, arm circles, HIOB's, and hangovers for extra stretching.

The Thang:

We counted off at the start to get the basic order down.  Then starting at 1, each PAX flips three cards and calls the exercise.  A few of them require the Q to make a call on distance or single/alpha count, so YHC jumped in to keep the cards moving as needed.  All 11 of us were able to draw, we finished 33 cards and pushed the whole time.  I called 10 burpees at the end to keep everyone busy while I packed up the deck and sound system.  Mosey'd back to the flag for mary, finished off with 30 seconds of Mr. Wilson in honor of Morphine (the only PAX who I've ever heard call for it). Lots of compliments on the Rushmore playlist- like: "Funeral Dirge", "sounds like one of Dinghy's", "...[confused look, head slightly cocked to the side]".  Also, the movie was a big hit with this crew: "is it by the guy who makes movies about hotels?", "I think I've seen parts of it", "better than Fargo?", "I think I've heard of it." I stand by my choices.  


Prayers for TARDIS and his family's travel disruptions and uncertainties.  Prayers for Acolyte during his deployment.  Happy Birthday -1 to Speedo.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work everyone- always fun, great to be out with you again.

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