Back to the grind

AO: Windjammer

When: 2024-02-09

QIC: Cookie

PAX (8): Brutus, Caroline, Cookie, Dipstick, False Start, Mayflower, NRA, uga


YHC was on the mend from 2 days off of being sick. After all, it was a birthday Q so I had to suck it up and post in the gloom with my brothers. 8 PAX answered the call on a warm February morning and hit the gloom at 5:30AM sharp.


Mosey up to Clipper Bay intersection and circle up for: SSH Weed Twister (weed picker variation where instead of clapping, you alternate turning side to side to stretch out back) Smurf Jacks Hill Billy

The Thang:

Considering we were already at Clipper Bay, YHC then told the PAX we would be doing a merpee mile - there and back. ON WAY THERE - 10 merkins at each cross street, 5 burpees at each speed hump ON WAY BACK - 10 squats at cross street, 5 big boys at speed hump By the time we made it back to the main parking lot, only 10 minutes remained so YHC cut his next routine in half. QUARTER POUNDER w/CHEESE Skipping the plain quarter pounder, we went right into the cheese. Grab a coupon. Using the parking islands as our 25 yard markers, each PAX would carry their coupon Cusack style to the appropriate yard marker, do the corresponding exercise, then back-peddle back to the goal line. Then go forward to the next one. And so on..
  • 25 skull crushers
  • 50 overhead press
  • 75 bent over rows
  • 100 curls
Time running out, head back to the flag with no time for Mary.


Prayers for those PAX injured or sick. Walkie Talkie fartsacked due to an alarm fail. Coffeeteria followed with a discussion about a man's Concentrica and finding purpose in life. Honored to lead. -Cookie

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