Run It Back

AO: The Wreck

When: 2024-02-07

QIC: aflac

PAX (9): Blue, Doogie, Echo, Matt Shields-Norm, Mountain Mama, Scurvy, Sell-out, Chowdah


Back in action after a brief hiatus with Q looking to shake out the legs after 3 straight days of vert at Whistler-Blackcomb.  A good opportunity for an all-around BD that would be fairly easy on the lower body.


Mosey up the main road toward the football fields parking lot for the following warm-ups:
  • Abe Vigodas
  • Hillbillys
  • Toy Soldiers

The Thang:

Q directed PAX to the football field, queued up some music, and got things moving with a round of Apple Turnover (alternating bear-crawls and crab-walks every 10 yards for the length of the entire field).  Plank for the six, then audible to "run it back" – a directive quickly misinterpreted by some and loathed by the remaining PAX. Once complete, Q directed all PAX to line-up on the end-line for some flying 40's – slow run to the 30, sprint to the opposite 30, then ease it in.  Each round of sprints was buffered by the following exercises:
  • 50 LBC's
  • 50 American Hammers
  • 50 Dying Cockroaches
  • 15 BB Situps
  • 20 Crunch Frogs
All told, 6 sprint sessions with ample rest in between to catch the breath. Next up, partner-up for a couple quick rounds of Nordic curls (10 reps x 2). Once complete, Q directed all PAX to fetch a coupon at the far end of the parking lot and line up.  Perform a single kettlebell swing, then walk 2 spaces.  Perform 2 kettlebell swings, then walk 2 spaces.  Rinse 'n repeat for the entire length of the parking lot.  YHC counted 17 KB swings and ample R-rated mumble-chatter at the far end of the lot, especially when an audible was called to "run it back" again.  In the interest of time and avoiding a mutiny, Q changed the exercise to rows on the return trip. When finished, deposit coupon and head back to the flag.  No time for Mary.


  • Praise for Backside and his new baby.
AFLAC out.

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