BLIMPS and Corners

AO: Black Water

When: 2024-02-05

QIC: Olaf

PAX (4): Cha-Ching, Schneider, Whiz


Monday fun day. Starting off the week with high intensity beatdown for all paces.


Slow jog to fountain for the usual warmups.

The Thang:

B.L.I.M.P.S   Add run to speed bumps between exercises.   5 burpees 10 lunge each leg 15 imperial walker 20 merkins 25 plank jacks 30 squats   Four Corners consisting of a Deconstructed Burpee Corner 1 = x25 Thrust Corner 2 = x25 Merkins Corner 3 = x25 Squats
  1. Corner 4 = x25 Jumps

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