And then there were…. seven?

AO: School Of Rock

When: 2024-02-07

QIC: Dipstick

PAX (3): False Start, Zohan, Stroller, Caffey, Lumbergh, Lefty


YHC laid out a challenge on Monday, and the Alpha pax showed how badly they cheat :D


After Zohan casually got situated at 5:31, we carried our cinders over to the track and did a quick warm up: SSH, weed pickers, willie mays hayes, imperial walkers, arm circles, followed by the exercise formerly known as COVIDs.

The Thang:

The pax were in for a real treat today. YHC pulled something from IPC and implemented a slightly rehashed version of it given the lack of a true football field over at the old School of Rock. Luckily, False Start doesn't leave home without his orange cones. So, we laid a few out along the track. At each cone, an exercise... typical F3 nonsense. The real treat was how we all got to each cone. Bring in the murder bunnies! Murder bunny to cone 1 (which really turned out to be the pile of cones instead of the actual cone 1... I suppose i should have expected that from a pax called False Start), then 25 thrusters. Cusack back to start, then murder bunny to cone 2, then 25 alpha count alternating merkins off the cinder. Cusack back to start, then murder bunny to cone 3, then 75 windshield wipers over the cinder. Cusack back to start, then murder bunny to the end, then 80 curls (had to meet this month's challenge). Of course at this point, the four pax running out of Rubicon said hello to make our total pax count 7 for the day. Cheaters. Pick everything up and head to the parking lot for some Mary. Each pax called out exercises while one farmer carried down the parking lot and back. TIME


Probably a lunch at Surcheros coming up soon.  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A pleasure to lead, but I'm glad we have the next three slots booked! Way to show up, Alpha!

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